Robert Riche

Novelist and poet

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Soon to be published

MEMOIR, a book in poetry

ALL THE DAYS FIVE REVIEWS --ALL FIVE STARS!!!! This poetic memoir opens with the father and mother, then moves on to the poet as a young man, experiencing his first sexual encounters, his days as a newspaper reporter, after which he moves on to a series of adventures rooted in the history of the time. He experiences the travesty of 1950ís McCarthyism, the exhilaration of living for a year in Paris where he is caught up in revolutionary politics, his return to the U.S. and entry into the world of radical unionizing. Ultimately, with the onset of mature years he feels the intimations of his life slowing down. This poetic memoir is unique as a personal revelation in the context of cultural and historical events of the 20th century. It is dramatic, poignant, sad, even comical as it follows the career of a man of his time.